Self-Serve & PLG User Onboarding

Empower Your B2B SaaS Platform with Self-Serve & PLG User Onboarding Experiences That Fuel Enhanced Activation & Retention
Agency team brainstorming effective user onboarding flows for activation, conversion and retention for a saas startup.
Agency consultant creating UX and UI considerations as part of a user onboarding flow.
Agency team brainstorming effective user onboarding flows for activation, conversion and retention for a saas startup.
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We Create Sticky User Behaviours
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If you need them, we’ll then collect customer, competitor & market insights to help you better understand your positioning and your user perception.
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We’ll audit your current flow to understand your approach, identifying any blockers or leaks in your funnel. You’ll get key insights into what isn’t working, with actionable recommendations for how to fix it.
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We’ll map out your existing customer journey, giving you a clear visualisation of yours users’ behaviour, then map a new one around the insights we discover during the audit.
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Sticky customer journey and user onboarding flows, product tours and walkthroughs, in-platform pop-ups, messages & chatbots, messaging guides, registration flows, and more.
At Flow, We're An Agency On A Mission
At Flow, it’s our mission to empower millions of SaaS users with frictionless, rewarding onboarding experiences.
We're not a full-service digital agency. We only focus on the user journey - nothing else. It's our 🍞 and 🧈.
We’re a team of automation, behavioural science, CX, design, marketing, and storytelling experts. We’re passionate about building user journeys that activate, convert & retain more subscribers.
Our User Onboarding Services
Discover what you can achieve with Flow's User Onboarding Services. We don't just help you find more customers, we show you how your clients actually work, and how to retain them for the long-haul.
SaaS user onboarding services that increase results including MRR and ARR
Free Trial Onboarding
The average human’s attention span is just over 8 seconds, so you’ve got a very short window of time to grab new users’ attention and show them enough value to keep them interested.
In addition to this, you need to ensure that you’re reaching out to new users with the right message and call-to-action across multiple channels in a way that piques their interest to learn more or continue onboarding within their free trial.
We combine user data with emotional understanding and behavioural science to create an effective, multi-step and multi-touchpoint onboarding experience that showcases your products’ core value across your key user segments.
User Onboarding Activation
Successfully onboarding new users and showcasing your SaaS platform's value is a huge step. But it’s not the final step to pushing a user over the line to becoming a paid subscriber.
Understanding your users' needs, their wants, and their emotional relationship with your product is essential in converting them. And delivering a tailored experience that showcases the right features and path to success takes a deep understanding of them.
We create a rich profile of your users and map out a unique set of tailored experiences and offers to drive subscription conversions that aid in long-term retention.
Subscription Retention
While the first step to user retention (and churn prevention) is during onboarding and activation, it doesn’t end there. From seasonal platform usage to changing and developing teams, there are many reasons why your users’ engagement may falter.
We set up and track user engagement to identify potential slippage before it happens, and then automate the delivery of highly personalised experiences to prevent further disengagement.
Behavioural Science
By understanding the motivations and needs of your SaaS users - and identifying how they behave - we can apply psychology and behavioural science to offer user onboarding experiences grounded in evidence.
This allows us to design meaningful user interactions and deliver highly personalised experiences across all touch points of the user onboarding journey, encouraging users to take predictable actions that deliver expected results.

What is a user onboarding experience?

A user onboarding experience is the journey your SaaS users go on after they sign up for your SaaS platform or product.

This could start with a free trial and include multiple touch points over a set period of time, for example 14-days, and across different channels.

The fundamental question you should be asking yourself is, ‘How do our users actual use our platform?’. Understanding the answer to this question is essential in delivering a great experience that converts trial users into paid subscribers, and paid subscribers into advocates with a high lifetime value.

The user onboarding journey starts from the moment a potential customer visits your website to the moment they make their fourth consecutive annual subscription payment, and beyond.

It can start at your website, and move to an email drip campaign or an in-app product tour. It can include sales processes such as phone calls and SMS. It can even include direct mail and in-person, face-to-face experiences.

However, the experience your user gets may not be aligned with what they actually want or need. The key is identifying what this expected experience is and how you can deliver it in a seamless and scalable way to drive adoption, increase revenue, and build advocacy.

The users’ experience is everything and defines the success (or failure) of your business.

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