Self-Serve & PLG User Onboarding

Empower Your B2B SaaS Platform with Self-Serve & PLG User Onboarding Experiences That Fuel Enhanced Activation & Retention
Agency team brainstorming effective user onboarding flows for activation, conversion and retention for a saas startup.
Agency consultant creating UX and UI considerations as part of a user onboarding flow.
Agency team brainstorming effective user onboarding flows for activation, conversion and retention for a saas startup.
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We Create Sticky User Behaviours
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Ditch guesswork and unlock the secrets of your users. Flow goes beyond basic data, gathering customer feedback, competitor intel, and market trends to paint a complete picture. Gain insights into your user perception and value proposition, empowering you to craft winning onboarding strategies that drive success.
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No more bad onboarding experiences. Flow audits your onboarding flow, uncovering hidden roadblocks and wasted potential. Gain pinpoint insights on what falls short, along with expert recommendations to fix it fast. Get your user onboarding flowing smoothly and watch your conversions soar.
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Transform insights into action. Flow takes the magic from discovery to design. We craft engaging onboarding experiences that activate users, fuel subscriptions, and crush churn. We harness audit findings and user insights to build the perfect path: targeted email drips, welcoming in-app experiences, and personalized re-engagement campaigns.
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From ideation to implementation. Flow breathes life into your onboarding vision. We implement our carefully crafted onboarding experiences into your platform using low-code solutions. See your onboarding come alive as users effortlessly navigate their path to fandom.
At Flow, We're An Agency On A Mission

Imagine millions of happy SaaS users, seamlessly onboard, engaged, and singing your praises. That's what Flow helps you achieve.

We're laser-focused on one thing: crafting unforgettable user onboarding & PLG experiences that drive subscriptions and retention.

Why Flow?

  • Experts you crave: Blend of automation, behavioral science, customer experience, psychology, marketing, and storytelling wizards.
  • Focus that pays off: Solely dedicated to user onboarding experiences, not scattered across a dozen services.
  • Results that matter: Proven track record of activating, converting, and retaining more paid subscribers.

We don't just build experiences, we build fans.

Our User Onboarding Services

Forget fleeting leads, build devoted fans. Flow's User Onboarding goes deeper, revealing your users' behaviors and motivations Understand, engage, retain - we convert trialists into subscribers, proactively combat churn, and unlock sustainable growth through the power of loyal customers.

SaaS user onboarding services that increase results including MRR and ARR
Free Trial Onboarding

Tick-tock-tick... Your 8-second window to impress new users is closing! Skip the generic, deliver personalized PLG onboarding experiences they crave.

Our data-driven, emotionally intelligent user onboarding journeys speak directly to each user across multiple touch points and channels. We leverage user data and behavioral science to:

  • Grab attention with messages tailored to their needs and goals.
  • Showcase core value to different user segments FAST, maximizing engagement.
  • Guide users smoothly through the onboarding journey, boosting retention.

Don't fight for fleeting attention. Let Flow create unforgettable PLG experiences that turn visitors into lifelong fans.

User Onboarding Activation

Attention! You've onboarded users, but the finish line awaits. Convert them with targeted experiences that unlock the "aha!" moment.

Stop the churn before it starts. Flow goes beyond basic onboarding. We understand your users' needs, wants, and emotional connections to your product.

Result? Powerful, tailored experiences that:

  • Showcase the perfect features for each user segment.
  • Map out a clear path to success, sparking "aha!" moments.
  • Drive subscription conversions and build long-term value.

Don't let good leads slip away. Let Flow craft unforgettable experiences that turn users into loyal subscribers.

Subscription Retention

Subscription churn looming? Don't wait for users to fade away. Flow helps you predict and prevent disengagement with proactive, personalized experiences.

Beyond onboarding: We track seasonal dips, evolving teams, and changing needs to identify at-risk users before they churn.


  • Data-driven prediction: We forecast potential disengagement through advanced analytics.
  • Hyper-personalized engagement: Automated experiences tailored to each user's unique situation.
  • Proactive intervention: We reach out at the right moment to reignite engagement and secure their loyalty.

Don't lose valuable subscribers. Let Flow's intelligent retention strategies keep your users engaged and thriving.

Behavioural Science

Forget guesswork. Unlock the secrets of user behavior with Flow's evidence-based approach to onboarding.

We dig deep, understanding your users' motivations, needs, and even how they tick. This powerful psychological insights fuel:

  • Meaningful interactions: Craft compelling user experiences that resonate deeply.
  • Hyper-personalized touchpoints: Deliver custom guidance at every step, across all channels.
  • Predictable user actions: Guide users smoothly towards success, boosting engagement and conversions.

Leave intuition behind. Let Flow harness the power of behavioral science to create unforgettable onboarding experiences that drive user success.

What is a user onboarding experience?

Your users' first steps with your SaaS platform hold the key to their success (and yours). But let's face it, B2B user onboarding can be more complex than explaining Candy Crush. That's where strategic Product-Led Growth (PLG) comes in.

Imagine: new users confidently navigating your platform, achieving quick wins, and becoming vocal advocates. No more lost trials, confused inquiries, or churn worries.

That's the power of a frictionless, personalized onboarding experience. We help you build it by:

  • Uncovering how users actually want to use your platform (hint: it's not always what you think!)
  • Guiding them through every step with interactive tutorials, product tours, and proactive support.
  • Streamlining the process with the right tools and resources, from registration to in-app guidance.
  • Personalizing the journey based on user roles, needs, and goals.

The result? Happy, engaged users who convert, stay longer, and champion your brand.

Ready to stop the churn and unlock advocacy? We're here to help you craft the unforgettable onboarding experience your B2B customers deserve.

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